From any selection of photographs that you take there will always be those that will look their best in their own colourful, glorious and original state. Auntie Edna’s red blouse that she always wore for special occasions and everyone remembers the new baby’s eyes that were so blue. Light shining, whether early morning or late afternoon giving the image a beautiful golden tone or even perhaps the midday sun bearing down. Whether lit from natural light or an expensive lighting rig colour is a beautiful thing.

But there is an alternative in photography that will display an image from a different aspect; in that same selection of photographs there will also be those captured moments that will suit the mood, drama and atmosphere that is conveyed by images in black and white. These photographs don’t always have to be moody clouds and windswept moors, although landscapes can be very powerful in black and white. Small moments, glances and gestures can equally make beautiful images where they are displayed in monochrome. It’s a medium with a long line of exponents who are giants of the photographic world, Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier-Bresson are two of the best examples.

Here is a selection of my pictures from different times, places and events that show black and white pictures in all their dark and moody mystery, I hope you like them.

The photographs for this blog were taken at Radley College, Oxfordshire: Kingscote Barn, Tetbury, Gloucestershire and the Matara Center, Kingscote Park.

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